Unique Custom Patio Designs – Bring It Outdoors in Style

Patios and hardscapes are truly multi-functional spaces — a child’s birthday party in the morning, a quiet reading space in the afternoon, or a family dinner space on those warm summer evenings — sometimes all three on the same day. Patio design have come a long way from the boring, square concrete slabs of yesteryear. Today, their design can be incorporated into the overall plan of a home, allowing you to create an outdoor living space that’s exactly suited to your particular needs.



Choices in Finishes

When it comes to driveway designs, We Landscape is well-versed in the various finishes. From flagstone and brick paver to stamped concrete, we work with you to design a space that complements your home and property. A simple hardscape may be all you need to make an unused space into a new play area for kids and adults alike, or, a grander patio design may give you the necessary space to entertain friends and family outdoors. Ultra modern or classical, new world or old world — you now have choices.

Armour Stone


The versatility of armour stone makes it a great addition to your property.

Whether you need to build a retaining wall or you have some other landscaping project that requires large, heavy-duty stone, you’ll find just what you are looking for when you hire WE Landscaping.



WE Landscaping  installs and repairs fences of all kinds, including chain link fences, iron fences, wood fences, garden fences, gates, wire fences, pool fences, and industrial and security fences.



Being a deck builder  is a rewarding experience as we personally believe most people will be able to agree that there’s nothing more desirable in the course of the summertime months than relaxing together with family and friends or by yourself on your own deck, having a  cold drink, barbequing, reading the paper or just lazing around with the kids.



One of the hottest items to enter the home and garden market in the past few years and soar in popularity is one of many designs of pergolas, which very much resemble the common gazebo, but with several structural differences. 

By contacting us today, you can ensure that your free consultation will include everything that you need to get started on constructing your dream backyard, with or without pergola and turning your yard into what you have always wanted it to be.